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Get inspired by interviews with Unlimited rEvolutionaries, people who are on the Unlimited Path, to become Game Changers in the world. I will also be sharing my insights and ideas in other areas to living an Unlimited Amazing life so that we can all grow together. Join the community that will change and rapidly Evolve Humanity. Get connected to others that want to make a difference and get access to tools that will help you become a Game Changer as well!
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Jun 3, 2017

We had a lot of fun with this episode! I know you will as well :).

They hit on some crucial areas of life and are serving people in many ways to enlighten and heal themselves. Using energy, nutrition, community and sound they help people heal and tap into their internal guidance. 

Here are some of the takeaways, I am excited to hear what you got from it as well.

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Sometimes when you think your life is falling apart, it is falling into place.

Trust that the universe has your back. You are here for a divine purpose.

Reiki like turning on a light switch inside you. Anyone can learn it.

The world would shift if everyone knew how to heal themselves. If we Shift ourselves the world will start to shift

This is an attunement. Or in other words, it is training your emotional and energy system. Getting a session might be the equivalent to getting one personal training session. If that is all you do and you go back to bad habits you will say “that didn’t do much” but if you learn to do it for yourself then you are no longer reliant on the healer and you can start to see the benefit.

You have to be open to it, you cannot expect a healer, a personal trainer, a coach, or anyone to override your free will choice to be in pain. You ultimately choose your focus. Your body is doing the healing. Reiki will send you up and give you some momentum but it is up to you to maintain that momentum.

Whatever you are not dealing with, whatever you are suppressing, you are going to keep getting more of, in your work, your play, your relationships, your income. You are creating your life and your body has picked up on all the things you haven’t dealt with properly.

Reiki is a natural healing ability that we all have and that we all instinctively utilize to some extent. This is just activating that ability and focusing it.

A final message from Matt. Follow your excitement. Your inner being will bring you things, experiences, opportunities, into your life that you couldn’t imagine. You trying to achieve could create something but this will create something much better than you could have imagined. Do it without expectation for a result. That is your ego trying to weigh in and take control.

Recommended/favourite book. book of love and creation, by Paul Selig

Message from TM – Do and say things that are in alignment with what you want to create. Take time take care of yourself.

Have an accountability partner to make taking care of yourself fun

Create little challenges for yourself. Take a little step, one step at a time.

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